Riding holidays in Manor Estate landscapes


Riding holiday packages

We have dealt with all the practical details: booked overnight accomodation for you and the horse, purchased ’ridekort’ (licence permitting horse riding in the various areas, mandatory in Denmark), printed maps and marked the routes. You bring your own horse. If you are interested in rented horses – look up the possibilities in the Danish version under ‘Links Danmark’.

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Equine experiences

It is the ambition of FerieRytter to make it easy for you to find the best equine experiences in Denmark. Holiday with a horse, horseback riding adventures, horsemanship, ridingcamps, onlinecourses, horse waggon holidays etc. FerieRytter will give you the full overview of the many wonderful thing you can experience with a horse in the 5 regions of Denmark.

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About FerieRytter®

FerieRytter® is run by four experienced riders who know the challenges of riding in nature. We create pre-packaged riding holidays with proven routes for you and your horse.
We do our best to fulfill your wishes and speak Danish, Deutsch, English, Français, and Espagñol.


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