You want a horse holiday.


Annelise riding Frida from Midtgård og Merethe riding Pascha – both from FerieRytter – here in the beautiful fields at the Estate of Corselitze.

We have dealt with all the practical details:

Booked overnight accomodation for you and the horse, purchased ’ridekort’ (licence permitting horse riding in the various areas, mandatory in Denmark), printed maps and marked the routes.

On arrival at your destination, FerieRytter will give you a warm welcome.

You will wear FerieRytters orange hatband and will have free access to FerieRytters Hotline Service 07/24.

You  can select a holiday bringing your own horse along, or we can hire a horse for you.

We also offer holidays for handicapped riders


Ferierytters plaque for the horse barn

You will get a nice stable plaque for the horse barn.