Current conditions on ordering vacation package
Unless otherwise stated in the order acknowledgment, invoice or otherwise when ordering, the following conditions apply. Please read these conditions carefully, as they (along with invoice and order confirmation) constitute the contractual basis between the customer and FerieRytter.

FerieRytters vacation packages are arranged by FerieRytter in cooperation with local businesses and individuals.

The person who filled out the order form and invoice issued to, must be minimum 18 years old and this person will be responsible for the entire reservation and payment of the whole package.

This person also accepts these conditions on behalf of all persons who are listed as participants on the invoice.

Filled ordered holiday package scheme applied with all the participants informations, must be forwarded to FerieRytter along with the deposit for the trip (at less than 10 weeks to the start of the trip, full payment).

All participants of a holiday package fills in information forms for himself and his horse. Forms will be send by email after paying the deposit.
Deposit and payment:
When order form and correct payment is received, the order confirmation will be sent.  Reservations can only be made, if there are rooms available. The deposit is 50% of the total price.

The Holiday Package must be paid within 30 days before the holiday. When booking later than 30 days before the holiday, the full amount must be paid at once.

Price changes:
Prices are based on those at the booking date, current prices. According to legislation, FerieRytter can increase the agreed price as a result of rising costs like room costs according to modified desire.
Any other price increases – which is not due to a change request from the customer – must be notified at least 20 days before the holiday begins and must not exceed 10% of the advertised price.
If these conditions are not met, the customer may cancel the holiday package for free.

Changes by the customer:
If the customer wants to change the vacation package after receiving the confirmation, the request shall be sent, in writing by mail.

There is no guarantee that the wanted change can be performed. If the change is possible, a change fee of DKK 500, –  per person must be paid, as well as any price difference and charges from subcontractors.

Booked holiday packages can be transferred to another person. This must be notified at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

If the vacation package is transferred to another person, a fee of DKK 500, – is charged. The fee must be paid before we can confirm the change.

Cancellation by the customer:
Should you or some of your fellow travelers wish to cancel the holiday package after it is confirmed, the person responsible for the reservation must notify this by email to FerieRytter. Cancellation will take place only when the cancellation per email is received.

The following cancellation fees are charged per person:

  • Cancelling 70 days or more before departure: deposit.
  • Cancellation 69-29 days before departure: 50% of the price + DKK. 500, -.
  • Cancellations less than 29 days before departure: 100% of the price.

Changes or cancellation by FerieRytter:
FerieRytters holiday packages are planned far into the future. FerieRytter reserves the right to make changes, which may also include already confirmed bookings.

Should there be a major change – like the whole purpose of the original vacation package is changed, making modifications to the standard, or the start or end time changes more than 12 hours, or the starting point or / end changed significantly, the customer has three options:
(1) Accept the changes 
(2) Choose a different holiday package with no change fee, however, the customer must pay any difference if the other holiday package is more expensive. If the vacation package is cheaper than the originally invoiced,  the difference is refunded.
(3) Canceling the vacation package for free. 

The above will not apply to minor changes.

In case of cancellation or major changes, the lost vacation (or other costs associated with this) is not replaced .

Force Majeure:
In the event of Force Majeure (external circumstances taht FerieRytter or collaborators have no influence or the ability to foresee), FerieRytter or partners may have to suddenly cancel the holiday package. In such a case the full price of the holiday package is not repaid.

Compensation for lost holiday packages due to force majeur is not made, not either for arrangement purchased from other providers.

FerieRytters responsibilities:

Ferierytter does not assume responsibility for the horse and rider. The customer is expected to be adequately insured.

Customer responsibilities:

The customer is obligated to attend as agreed at the start and end of the places of the holiday package, to act without being a nuisance to others and not engage in damage to the property of others. 

The customer must pay compensation for the damage that might have been practiced on others’ property and FerieRytter does not replace the lost days of travel or other expenses associated with this.

It is the responsibility of the customer immediately upon receipt of invoice, order confirmations and other documents to check that they comply with the agreement.


Complaints about defects by the holiday package must be directed to FerieRytter as soon as the defect is noticed, so that it is possible to immediately correct the problem.

Reclaim concerning deficiencies that could not be resolved on the spot, must be mailed to FerieRytter no later than 25 days after the end of the trip.

Security and health:

FerieRytter requires that all riders wear an approved ridehelmet on all rides.

All traffic rules must be observed when riding on public roads.

FerieRytter requires participating horses to be vaccinated. Horse passports must be shown upon request. It is the customer’s responsibility, that the brought horses are registered and vaccinated according to current regulations and that all horses are disease-free.

If FerieRytter gets reasonable suspicion, that brought horses are carrying contagious disease, FerieRytter will immediately expel the horses, and it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the transportation of all brought horses away from the area.

The customer must pay compensation for the damage that might have been practiced on others animals and FerieRytter does not replace the lost days of travel or other expenses associated with this.

Protection of personal information:

The information given on the order form, will only be disclosed if it is relevant for the holiday package, such as special requests, etc.

FerieRytter will never disclose any personal information to persons or companies who are not directly involved and relevant to the current holiday package.